FloodSax® – The Innovative Self-inflating Flood Defence System

FloodSax® is a self-inflating flood defence system, which can be easily transported because of its light weight (about 250 gram). One FloodSax® replaces the barrier capability of 4 sandbags.


The filling of a FloodSax® weighs about 210 gram, consists of a biodegradable polymer and can absorb about 25 liter of water. In this state, FloodSax® can be stacked in rows or walls to prevent flood damage.


A FloodSax®  only takes 3 minutes to absorb the whole amount of water (25 liter) and can store this water for about 3 months. This feature extends the scope of FloodSax® because leaking water (e.g. pipe break) can be absorbed very fast and comfortable.


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