Quick Start Guide – SeCom2.0 Platform

The platform of “SeCom2.0 – Serious Community 2.0 prevent flooding” provides you as a user several interesting possibilities. To benefit from the full scale of these possibilities, you will need to register or sign in at For this purpose, please click on the button “Sign In“, which you can find in the right top corner of the homepage.


After successfully logging in, you are able to get access to the “dashboard“. The dashboard unites the core functions of SeCom2.0 platform:

– LEARN                                                               – SHARE                                                               – PLAY


The Buttons shown in the picture above, will lead you to the different areas eLearning-Moodle (LEARN), e-collaboration (SHARE) and SeCom2.0 game (PLAY). You can find video tutorials of the SeCom2.0 game


SeCom written Tutorials


SeCom Video Tutorials


To get a detailed description of the single areas of SeCom2.0 platform, please have a look at the video tutorial:

SeCom2.0 – Overview over the SeCom2.0 platform

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