Day of the pond, running under the slogan “living with the pond“

On the 08/24/13, the association for promotion of the pond in Neuwied organized a day of the pond in order to inform about the topic of flood control concerning the river Rhine. Roughly 150-200 visitors attended the event despite strong rainfall. The reason for this event was the 85th anniversary of the decision to protect the city centre from flooding.

On the opening, the chairman of the emergency association of the river Rhine as well as the mayor of the city Andernach, Achim Hütten, attended. He presented the tender of the new contest “living with floods – ideas competition for an effective prevention“. Furthermore, the managing director of the local flood management partnership of the river Elbe, Reinhard Nieberg, reported of the flooding of the Elbe. Another highlight of that day was an information-boulevard concerning the topic “living with the pond“, which was displayed by the promotion association alongside many partners on the foreground of the pond. By means of displays and informational material, the centre for  flood control competence’s  flood control mobile as well as the fire-brigade and THW illustrated, which measures are taken in case of flooding.

Sabine Siegmund
Sabine Siegmund, HKC Cologne

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