Series of events on flood prevention under the motto “help for self-help”

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Links Herr Reinhard Vogt (Geschäftsführer des HochwasserKompetenzCentrums e.V.) und auf der rechten Seite ein interessierter Bürger

Not only due to the devastating tempest on the 06/20/2013, there was a great influx of visitors at the informational event by the fire-brigade of the city Mehlem with the topic of flood prevention. The event was hosted by the fire-brigade Mehlem, who invited to a series of events on protective measures against torrential rain and flooding concerning the stream in Mehlem. The kickoff to this series of events was accompanied by lots of demonstration material, which was provided by the volunteers, the fire-brigade of the city Bonn, the public works service as well as the technical assistance organisation (THW).

While the spokesman of the fire-brigade was marvelling about the sheer amount of visitors “I didn’t expect so many visitors”, the mayor of the county and patron of the event, Annette Schwolen-Flümann, found an explanation for the large amount of visitors: In the last three years, two “events of a century” fell upon the city of Bonn and the area of Rhine-Sieg. “This is what we must prepare for”, she said “This is the best citizen’s initiative in Bad Godesberg since a long time.”

The expert’s committee of the fire-brigade ´for flooding of the stream in Mehlem is led by Karl-Heinz Katz, who is an experienced fire-fighter in pension. He and his comrade, also a fire-fighter, Helmuth Pfitzmeier, are the driving forces behind the initiative. The objective of the initiative is to educate the people about “how dangerous water can be”, says Katz. “We seek to make the citizen aware of their responsibility to protect their own property.” Due to this reason, only measures are proposed that “can be realized by simple means”. One example for such a measure is to buy sandbags and sand in the construction market.


Sabine Siegmund
Sabine Siegmund, HKC Cologne

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