RWTH Aachen presents SeCom at Wasser Berlin

RWTH-Wasser-Berlin-400erDr. Hani Sewilam represented the grant applicant institution of CECOM (Academic and Research Department Engineering Hydrology) in a high level panel discussion organized by the United Nations in WasserBerlin 2013. In the panel the Director and an officer of the UN Water Decade Programme on Capacity Development, the Director of UNESCO-UNIVOC, the Director of Water Section at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and Executive Director of DWA.

The main focus of the session was on “Adding Value in Water-Related Capacity Development”. SECOM was presented as one of the good practices to offer training for water students and professionals at the same time using serious game as an innovative way to share knowledge and enhance the capacities. The presentation of Dr Sewilam was well received by the audience and SECOM was the core of the whole discussion of the session. It was concluded that SECOM is a good example that shows the future trend of Education and training. Different audience showed interest to cooperate with the project consortium and make use of the end product for other capacity development initiatives.

For more information please download the slides: WasserBerlin SEWILAM_Publish.

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